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It’s Been Weird

Look, it’s December. So, we released that album in February 2020, which will forever be remembered as the last month before most people in society knew what a talentless joke about a goddamn Zoom Meeting was. Just as we finally… Continue Reading →

Well, We Did a Social Media

This isn’t a big deal if you really think about it, in fact it’s not a big deal if you DON’T think about it . In fact, I’m wasting both my time and yours by writing anything at all. Welcome… Continue Reading →

We’re Cookin’ Up A New Album

Published October 10th, 2019 Since the addition of Mikey in 2018, Thikc Kevin has exploded its collective pants with a brand new lineup of songs. With Album 1, “Cardboard Junkies” in mastering as we speak the band is ready to… Continue Reading →

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